Yachting Croatia

Honeymoon Sailing Croatia


Honeymoon on a luxurious sailing boat or a yacht with a full package of services is a true vacation and pleasure for the newlyweds. The program is designed in a way so as to fulfill the requests of the newlyweds to the maximum. In this program, we offer a large selection of vessels (motor yachts and sailing boats) with a crew: a skipper, a hostess, a chef. Depending on the wishes of the newlyweds, we are also able to organize daily massages. The sailing route is also designed according to the wishes of the newlyweds - islands, coastal towns, secluded beaches, beautiful quiet bays, historically significant sites, national parks and nature parks.

Departure Ports are: Pula, Sukošan, Biograd, Kremik, Split and Dubrovnik.

Routes are: North Adriatic, Centra Adriatic North, Central Adriatic South, South Adriatic

The price is given upon request depending on the size and the type of a boat, the rental period and other requirements of the clients.


*Feel free to contact Yachting in Croatia Crew for more information on available routes, boats, schedule and booking.