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One Way Charter in Croatia

Usual meaning of one way charter considers check-in and embarkation at one base and leaving the vessel in the other. This way you could sail without going back, or without completing the circle of your cruise, which is usual for standard charter deals. Significantly larger area could be experienced if sailed one way because Croatian coastline along with its island is positioned in direction NW – SE. Prevailing winds in the summer period usually follow the same direction so relaxed sailing downwind is almost guaranteed. In addition, one way charter is perfect for those who do not depend on their car when coming to the base; and continue their journey after disembarking from another place, which is the case when continuing the journey in the same region. The example of such way of experiencing the entire Croatia is possible if you do the way around continental part by car or any other mean of land traveling. After you have reached the coast you might experience the coast and islands at their best aboard a chartered yacht and continue the journey from the landing harbor. Make sure that you contacted our expert booking team early enough in order to avoid additional costs of leaving the yacht at different base. We will do our best to book the following week to another guest who would do the same way vice versa; or to arrange one way for you between two base marinas. Take a look to our offer of one way charter between Split and Dubrovnik. Feel free to ask for more details at our booking staff at Yachting in Croatia.  

One way charter is a beautiful way to see more of Croatia in a shorter period of time.

Our clients mostly desire the route from Dubrovnik to Split or the other way around. Dubrovnik to Split is a beautiful route which includes various possibilities in organizing your trip. Some of the most favorite destinations are Elafiti islands, Mljet (especially Pomena on Mljet, the entrance to the national park), island and especially the city of Korcula, island Lastovo, island Vis, Hvar, Brac...

By choosing a one way charter from Split to Dubrovnik or the other way around, you can combine your route to see some of these destinations which interest you the most. Not all boats are available for one way charter. We always recommend to our clients to contact us early in the year, to have more options for a one way charter. New way charter usually costs more due to the reason that the boat usually has to be taken back to the port which it came from. The standard one-way fee is usually from € 300,00 – € 900,00 (depending on exact starting and arrival port and the particular boat). It includes the costs of the skipper who needs to bring the particular boat back to the base and the fuel needed to make that trip.

Also it is important to mention that the majority of boats, especially catamarans, which are available for one-way charter from Split to Dubrovnik, would be available under following terms: The boat needs to arrive to arrival port by Friday at about 13:00 hours and it should be disembarked by that time, so the skipper has enough time to return it to it's original starting port.

However, there is also some one-way options which enable you a standard charter period starting on Saturday afternoon and lasting until next Saturday morning. Please note, these options are rare and it is not so easy to find available boats for it.

One way charter: Split – Dubrovnik

Split – Stomorska – Hvar – Korčula – Pomena – Okuklje – Šipanska Luka - Dubrovnik

Day 1: Split – Stomorska (island Šolta); 8.5 NM

Taking off ACI marina Split
sailing SSW
landing at Stomorska port

Stomorska is located on SE part of the island Šolta, on its N shores, not far from the Split Gate, the strait that divides island Šolta from island Brač. The bay is well sheltered from all winds but from N and NE. Yet, wave breaker on top of the pier provides a good shelter even from northerly winds. Life in Stomorska is rather calm and easy going while several taverns and neighboring family farms in backgrounds of the village provide delicious seafood and island delicates. There is enough space on the pier to accommodate some 30 yachts while depths vary between 4.7 m and 1.5. m. Day-trip cruisers sometimes make fuss on the pier but they are not there every day.   


Day 2: Stomorska (island Šolta) – Hvar town (island Hvar); 14 NM

Taking off Stomorska and heading SE towards the Gate of Split Strait
Passing the strait and sailing SSW towards Cape Pelegrin on the island Hvar
After passing the Cape Pelegrin sailing SE toward Palmižana at Pakleni islands
Swim break in one of hidden bays and beaches within the archipelago of Pakleni islands
Mooring at ACI Palmižana

With its geographical location and its rich cultural heritage, Hvar is a real gem of the Adriatic/Mediterranean region. Not only are the visitors attracted by the cultural and traditional essence but also by its extraordinary beauties of nature, excellent accommodation and authentic cuisine. It is possible to unwind in the romantic and pristine scenery, indulge in tastes and aromas of the Adriatic/Mediterranean, or stir the senses to the hot beat and icy cocktails at the exclusive beach-bars and nightclubs. After a day spent in one of virgin beaches of Pakleni otoci archipelago, yachtsmen usually moor at ACI Palmižana marina at the island Sv. Klement. Speedboat taxi service between Hvar town and Palmižana is available 24/7. Anchorage is also available at numerous coves within the archipelago. Mooring in Hvar port during the top season is possible only by luck or if booked at port authorities in advance; due to busy traffic and popularity of Hvar town.


Day 3: Hvar town (island Hvar) – Korčula town (island Korčula); 25 NM

Taking off ACI Palmižana and sailing E and SE alongside Hvar S shores with island Šćedro as the landmark
After passing Šćedro (either side) sailing ESE through the canal between Pelješac peninsula and Korčula island
Swim break at island Šćedro or nearby Lovište on NW peak of Pelješac peninsula
Mooring at ACI Korčula

Korčula town refers to the cultural and tourist center of the island Korčula. Inhabited from the times of ancient Greeks and Romans Korčula achieved its peak during medieval times. Numerous bars, restaurants, taverns as well as jewelry shops and art galleries are located within city walls where traditional combat sward dance called Moreška takes place every Thursday night. Since Korčula is also known as the birthplace of Marco Polo, the visit to museum dedicated to him is inevitable.


Day 4: Korčula town (island Korčula) – Pomena (island Mljet); 15 NM

Taking off ACI Korčula E and SE around island Badija and neighboring islets
Sailing SE towards island Mljet
Landing at Pomena, island Mljet
Swim break: one of chosen beaches or coves within Badija archipelago – beware of shallows; sandy beach nearby Lumbarda, island Korčula; Pržina bay on the SE shores of island Korčula round the cape Ražnjić; chosen cove within Pomena bay

Pomena refers to the northernmost end of the island. Mooring provided at the town waterfront, in front of Hotel Odisej. There are several taverns providing excellent seafood as well as safe overnight mooring for tavern guests. Mljet National Park is within few footsteps range from Pomena where bicycles and scooters are available to rent.  


Day 5: Pomena (island Mljet) – Okuklje (island Mljet); 17 NM

Taking off Pomena bay and sailing SE alongside the N shores of Mljet island
Landing at Okuklje bay on the SE part of the island
Swimm break in the mouth of Prožura bay, just before sailing into Okuklje

Okuklje refers to one of the best sheltered bays on the island. Mooring is possible on town waterfront as well s in front of several restaurants in the same part of the town. The depths vary around 3 m in front of the restaurants and 3.m in the port.


Day 6: Okuklje (island Mljet) – Šipanska Luka (island Šipan); 9 NM

Taking off Okuklje ENE towards island Olipa between Pelješac peninsula and Elafiti archipelago
Rounding island Jakljan from the NW side and sailing SE towards island Šipan
Sailing alongside SW shores of island Šipan into the bay of Šipanska Luka
Landing at Šipanska Luka
Swim break at islands Olipa or Jakljan

Šipanska luka (the port of Šipan) provides a good shelter from all winds. There are only two settlements at the island – Suđurađ and Šipanska luka which are connected by 5.2. km long road. Coves, bays and beaches of Šipan were recognized by Dubrovnik’s nobility in the early times of Dubrovnik’s Republic; for its beauty, peace and picturesque countryside. The entire island exudes tranquility and peace while there is a supermarket, bakery and several bars and taverns in Šipanska luka and Suđurađ, as well as numerous medieval mansions and churches. Mooring is possible in the town port while the bay provides a good anchorage. The buoys in the bay belong to the restaurants among which at Marko’s tavern is most recommended.


Day 7: Šipanska Luka (island Šipan) - Dubrovnik; 15 NM

Taking off Šipanska Luka and sailing NW around the cape
Passing Harpoti strait between islands Jakljan and Šipan
Sailing SE alongside S shores of island Šipan and around islands Lopud and Koločep
Sailing E into the mouth of Rijeka Dubrovačka, under the bridge
Mooring at ACI KOmolac (Dubrovnik)
Swim break at Šunj bay on the SE end of island Lopud



We are offering you the opportunity to explore the nicest islands in Croatia.

On the way, you can visit Trogir (UNESCO city), Krknjasi beach, famous Hvar, unique Bol, peaceful Island of Vis, beautiful Blue cave, Island of Korcula, National park Mljet, Nature park Lastovo, and, of course, the magnificent City of Dubrovnik.

For more info., please do not hesitate to contact us.