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Safari Adventure Sailing

It is about perfect combination of sailing and hiking experience tailor made for extreme nature lovers. Within the Safari Sailing Tour you are given a chance to combine sailing the divine Kornati National Park, admiring the power of river in the canyon and between waterfalls of Krka river and hiking the karsts and caves of South Velebit and Paklenica.


Many attractive spots in the Velebit area can only be reached by all-terrain vehicles (Velebit Jeep Safari). You will visit Tulove grede and the Zrmanja river canyon – localities where the legendary Winnetou movies were shot. You will drive historical Velebit roads and visit the Krupa monastery. We recommend that you should visit the spring of Krnjeza, the shortest river in Croatia. Its source is located at the end of a 60-m deep cavern decorated with calcite curtains and icicles at its entrance. After only 600 m, it flows into the Zrmanja River. Although short, the river is up to 45 m deep in some places, and the water is very cold and clear, perfect for drinking.

Kornati National Park refers to the archipelago spread between Adriatic billow on the west and Zadar and Šibenik archipelagos on the east. It covers the area of some 320 km2 and consists of some 150 islands, islets, reefs and rocks making home for exceptional flora and fauna communities both above and under the sea. Kornati not only attract a great interest of yachtsmen, but mountaineers, hikers, divers, kayakers and other nature lovers.

Krka National Park lies in the backgrounds of Šibenik and Skradin towns, following the canyon of the river Krka and covers a total area of 109 km2. Both experts and visitors are attracted by the exceptional diversity of flora and fauna communities, natural heritage such as karsts canyon, speleological structures and the system of seven waterfalls in the lower flow of the river Krka. Besides natural beauties, Krka National Park is well know after its culture and historical heritage presenting archeological sites, medieval fortresses, traditional mills, sacral architecture, even historical hydroelectric plants. Visits to Krka National Parks are well organized and guided from the city of Skradin which is a nautical center as well.

Paklenica National Park found its place on the littoral slope of South Velebit, covering the area of some 100 km2. Torrent flows of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica and their vertically carved canyons attract the most skilled and the bravest mountaineers and free climbers. For those less skilled there are amazing sights inside the cave system of Manita Peć within the park. Visits to the park are well organized as well as the paths and infrastructure within the park, enabling visitors and experts to admire the abundance of geomorphologic phenomena and forms, diverse flora and fauna, attractive landscapes and intact nature.

Starting points of Safari Sailing are marinas in Zadar and Šibenik area while your inquiry on booking and routes are more than welcome.

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