Yachting Croatia

Safari Sailing Croatia


It is about perfect combination of sailing, off road safari with terrain vehicles and hiking experience tailor made for extreme nature lovers. Within the Safari Sailing Tour you are given a chance to combine sailing the divine Kornati National Park, admiring the power of river Zrmanja in the canyon and between waterfalls of Krka river and hiking the karsts and caves of South Velebit and Paklenica.

Kornati National Park refers to the archipelago spread between Adriatic billow on the west and Zadar and Šibenik archipelagos on the east. It covers the area of some 320 km2 and consists of some 150 islands, islets, reefs and rocks making home for exceptional flora and fauna communities both above and under the sea. Kornati not only attract a great interest of yachtsmen, but mountaineers, hikers, divers, kayakers and other nature lovers.

Krka National Park lies in the backgrounds of Šibenik and Skradin towns, following the canyon of the river Krka and covers a total area of 109 km2. Both experts and visitors are attracted by the exceptional diversity of flora and fauna communities, natural heritage such as karsts canyon, speleological structures and the system of seven waterfalls in the lower flow of the river Krka. Besides natural beauties, Krka National Park is well know after its culture and historical heritage presenting archeological sites, medieval fortresses, traditional mills, sacral architecture, even historical hydroelectric plants. Visits to Krka National Parks are well organized and guided from the city of Skradin which is a nautical center as well.

Paklenica National Park found its place on the littoral slope of South Velebit, covering the area of some 100 km2. Torrent flows of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica and their vertically carved canyons attract the most skilled and the bravest mountaineers and free climbers. For those less skilled there are amazing sights inside the cave system of Manita Peć within the park. Visits to the park are well organized as well as the paths and infrastructure within the park, enabling visitors and experts to admire the abundance of geomorphologic phenomena and forms, diverse flora and fauna, attractive landscapes and intact nature.

Starting points of Safari Sailing are marinas in Zadar and Šibenik area while your inquiry on booking and routes are more than welcome.



- Reception of the group in the marina KORNAT BIOGRAD (time depend on clients arrival)
- Welcoming, introduction with skippers, accommodation on boats divided to teams where the participant will live all 7 days
- Welcome drink in the restaurant
- Short presentation of Safari sailing adventure program schedule
- Dinner at 19.00h
- Live music


- Breakfast in restaurant – 08.00

- Short introduction of guides and description of what expects us
You will then be informed that you will be guided with jeeps through most beautiful parts of Velebit, you will have the opportunity to stop at the most interesting places to take pictures of the untouched nature, breathtaking views and mysterious corners where human foot rarely steps

- Transfer from restaurant to point from where we will start off-road adventure – 09.00

- Off-road adventure „On the path of Franz Joseph“ – 10.30

During the whole adventure we will spend most of our time driving along roads built by Kaiser Franz Joseph; we will stop on one part of the road and take a walk to the lookout spot
Guide will tell you a story about filming movie Winetou that was filmed on the river Zrmanja canyon
Tasting of salted pilchards in olive oil

- Snack – 13.30

After reaching half way we shall stop near the rural estate. Returning from the walk, guides will prepare snack; prosciutto with cheese, live preparation of calamari risotto, served with fine Croatian red and white wines

- Off-road continues – 14.30

Off road continues then along Velebit Nature Park passing through several estates with goats and sheep
we will pass near Tulove grede and take the exit to local road above St. Rok tunnel

- Off-road ends – 18.00

Off-road adventure ends around 18.00 when we head toward marina Kornat in Biograd

- Dinner – 20.00

Dinner in a restaurant

Day 2  MONDAY  Biograd-Sali

- 9 – 10 breakfast on board followed by short instruction on our 5-days plan and introduction with the boat

- Sailing toward Dugi otok, Sali
According to wishes of the participants we can organize sailing school during all 5 days
Break is planned on the island Žuta in a nice bay where we plan to have lunch

- Trekking to the top of Žuta

- After lunch organized trekking to the beautiful top of island Žuti
All trekking are envisioned in a way to present beauty and characteristics of mentioned locality
- After trekking, we continue sailing toward Sali
Upon arrival to Sali we predicted some free time for sightseeing and relaxation
- 20.00 dinner in a restaurant

Day 3  THUSDAY Sali-Piškera

- 9 – 10h breakfast on board, followed by sailing toward Telašćica National Park

- Upon arrival to Telašćica, we planed a visit to lake Mir, one out of two salt lakes in Croatia, and cliffs along one part of the island coastline that offers an amazing view on the open sea
After sightseeing – lunch on board

- Trekking to lake Mir

After lunch, we organize trekking to beautiful lake Mir

We will continue to sail through Kornati National Park, toward Piškera Aci marina on the island Panitula. During sailing we will see cliff Taljurić that has an interesting shape, well known lighthouse Sestrica, sail to one of the nicest bays in Jadran – Lojena – adorned by blue colour of crystal clear sea, stop near island Mana famous for its cliffs and 40 year old remains of a movie set, sail toward island Rašip V to see second largest cliffs on Kornati

Upon arrival to marina we predicted sightseeing of beautiful nature and time to rest and relax.

- 20.00 dinner in a restaurant

Day 4  WEDNEDAY Piškera-Šibenik

- 9 – 10h breakfast on board

- We continue sailing through Kornati toward island Klobučar where we will see largest cliffs of this aquatorium. Having sailed along the outer side of Kornati, it is time for us to “crawl” between islets and sail into Kornati channel where sailing represents a real pleasure. Because of shelter from islands, wind doesn’t raise high waves, but there’s still enough to enjoy.

- We leave Kornati and sail toward Šibenik, our final destination.

- 18.00 planned time of arrival in Šibenik

- Dinner in restaurant


- 9 – 10h breakfast on board

- Transfer from marina to Šibenik town center 
- Organized tourist tour through the beautiful historic town of Sibenik, where you can also see the masterpiece cathedral St.   James-UNESCO heritage

- After sightseeing, is planned to boarding on sailing boats on a main Šibenik promenade.

The plan is to Sail to Skradin through a beautiful canyon and lake where you will have the opportunity to get to know the beauty of this area.

- Upon arrival in Skradin is planned to going to the the Krka waterfalls National Park with a tour guide.

- Dinner in restaurant


- 9 – 10h breakfast on board

- Sailing toward island Zlarin which is famose by corals.

Short brake for sightseeingand, visiting one of the most famous local taverna on Dalmatian coast where you can try local authentic food-snack.

- This last afternoon is planned for navigational regatta- SAFARI SAILING CUP

- Upon arrival in in Biograd is the estimated time for the rest

- 20h dinner in the restaurant, watching video and photos form past days and also is organized prize giving ceremony for SAFARI SAILING CUP

- Live music and PARTY:)


- Transfer to airport


Feel free to contact Yachting in Croatia Crew for more information on schedule and booking.