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Sailing in Greece

What could be better than sailing waters where it all begun about sailing and European civilization? Special offer by Yachting in Croatia Crew is tailor made sailing trip in Greece. We established our regular routes in Greek waters divided into three different regions so far: Ionian Sea, the Dodecanese and Cyclades. Choose the route you like best and contact us as soon as possible for further information and trip details.

Ionian Sea

Located on western side off Greek mainland Ionian Sea offers relaxed sailing between seven Ionian islands also known as Heptanese: Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Cephalonia, Zakinthos and Cythera. Heptanese amazes visitors by crystal clear turquoise waters accompanied by evergreen cypress, pine, elm, green fields on the epic islands, each hiding myths and legends that are yet to be discovered. Visit Ithaca, the home of epic ancestor sailor Ulysses; feel like kings and queens in Skorpidhi, where Aristotle Onassis built his residence; or just check out why Zakinthos was called ‘the flower of the Levant’ by the ancient Venetians. Refreshing summer wind that comes around noon and dies at sunset will take care that your sails are always full while Yachting in Croatia Crew will take care of all other aspects of hedonistic sailing the Ionian Sea.

Saronic Gulf

Belonging to the heart of Aegean Sea, located West and Southwest off Athens’ port Piraeus and defining the east coast of Corinth isthmus the Saronic Gulf is yours to discover offering you to enjoy beaches of Poros island, the bays of Phaleron and Elfsina and wonders of ancient Epidauros. Find out the outcomes of epic Battle of Salamis and why the Saronic Gulf was a string of six entrances to the Underworld. Don’t worry, Yachting in Croatia Crew will sail you safely through the Saronic Gulf without fear since this area benefits from the Attic mainland's partial shelter from the summer Meltemi wind. The gulf includes the islands of Aegina, Salamis, and Poros along with smaller islands of Patroklou and Fleves.

Argolic Gulf

Continuing the coastline the gulf next door to Saronic Gulf the Argolic Gulf found its location off the east coast of the Peloponnese. Often called the Argo-Saronic Gulf this area is very popular to sail and relax between islands Psili, Plateia, and Bourtzi. Breathtaking scenery of a seaport town Nafplio, the capital of the First Hellenic Republic is absolutely a must to see when sailing the Argolic Gulf as well as a visit to the beaches of Drepano, Tolo or Kondyli. Find out why the island Hydra is called one of the most beautiful islands in Greece where massive stone merchants’ houses nestling in a rocky landscape combined with countless restaurants and bars give a visitor the essence of Greece.


The central group of islands in the Aegean, which name is derived from a Greek word kukloi (rings) is a system of system of islands which surround Delos, once a center of trade and worship in ancient Greece. Experienced Yachting in Croatia Crew calls this area ‘the kingdom of Meltemi’ - the wind that blows fitfully throughout all summertime. Despite this infamous wind our trips usually start in Athens while the route considers sailing along the most typical Greek landscapes such as white facades and windmills at Mykonos, sandy beaches or Naxos or rapturous taverns at Naxos. Don’t worry, famous Santorini with its terraces and donkey-transport is on our way!  


The Dodecanese or the Twelve Islands create crescent chain down the Asian part of Turkish coast, curving west towards Crete. Landscapes of Dodecanese vary from small and uninhabited islands bare of vegetation to rich green and wooded ones, surrounded by well known turquoise and crystal clear Aegean Sea. Our usual routes include a visit to Kos island, well known for its historical sites and as the birthplace of Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine; sulphurus springs at volcanic island Nisiros; and Rhodes, declared a World Heritage Site.


*Feel free to contact Yachting in Croatia Crew for more information and schedule for existing Greek routes or apply for route tailor made just for you!