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Wine Sailing route Croatia

Grapes growing, wine production and Croatian viticulture at its best is the focus of this quest specially branded for those hedonists who focused on wine tasting. As Mediterranean is also known of the cradle of modern civilization so could be said for viticulture as one of the most fundamental human activities in these areas. A divine sun along with its reflection of the crystal clear sea, unpolluted atmosphere, stingy ground and rocks and human knowledge and labor have cooperated for centuries in order to make some of the finest drops of divine nectar called wine.

Throughout the Route of Wine, organized by special Yachting in Croatia task force, you are about to visit the oldest and the most distinguished wine cellars and wine producers from the islands of Šolta, Brač, Hvar, Vis, Korčula and Pelješac peninsula. As Dalmatia is a birthplace of Crljenak and Plavac Mali, the indigenous sort of wine also known as the ancestor of Zinfandel or Primitivo, you will have the chance to taste it in its natural habitat as well as many other indigenous sorts which keep the essence of Adriatic in their bouquets. The kingdom of plavac mali would be Pelješac peninsula where some of the most famous internationally renowned Croatian winemakers found their homes.

The most famous red wine sorts in Pelješac would be Dingač and Postup, named after the sites on the slopes of rocky Pelješac coast. On another hand, red wine called Babić (plavac mali) in Primošten area is cultivated in vineyards located on the slopes of Bucavac site and is declared a world heritage site protected by UNESCO. Apart of Plavac Mali, some of the most famous indigenous Dalmatian sorts would be dobričić, originated from island Šolta; Bogdanuša and prč, mostly grown on the island Hvar; grk and pošip from island Korčula; maraština and Debit grown both on the coast and the islands; Vugava (also bugava) from island Vis; while Dubrovačka Malvasija refers to new born successor of once famous and adored ancient sort in surroundings of Dubrovnik. Terroires of mentioned localities along with the knowledge of local wine experts can offer you hidden treasuries inherited from generations before us. Since a good sip never goes alone down the throat, Route of Wine is perfectly matched with exquisite and selected specialties of local food, ranging from oysters, lobsters and other sea-food tidbits through ancient homemade ham, cheese and olives to vegetable and meet delicacies.

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