Sailing Routes

North Adriatic

Istra Istria is by far the largest peninsula on the eastern side of the Adriatic.  Some 90% of this territory today lies in Croatia, while its most northwesterly districts make up... more details

Central Adriatic North

This sailing region is also called Dalmatia, named after ancient tribes that inhabited this area. Nowadays Dalmatia basically spreads from N of Zadar alongside the coastline to Dubrovnik, including... more details

Central Adriatic South

This is the most popular sailing region in Croatia because the major yacht charter bases at the Adriatic are situated in this area while good traffic connections allow the majority of the tourists to... more details

South Adriatic

South Adriatic Sailing South Adriatic considers routes south of Split and southern Dalmatia around islands Korčula, Lastovo and Mljet, alongside Pelješac peninsula, including coastline... more details
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