North Adriatic


Istria is by far the largest peninsula on the eastern side of the Adriatic.  Some 90% of this territory today lies in Croatia, while its most northwesterly districts make up Slovenia's littoral, bordering Italian territorial waters. To the east and south lies Kvarner Gulf along with its islands making Croatia’s westernmost and northernmost sailing region. In addition to extensive vineyards producing renowned Istrian wines, a lot of effort is being invested into the revitalization of olive groves and investments in truffles industry in recent years made Istra not only favorite sailing destination but exquisite gourmet destination. Apart of tourism, fishing, too, has a long tradition and plays an important economic role due to the fact that the waters of western Istria yield the highest catch of 'blue fish' (sardine, mackeral, tuna etc.) in the eastern Adriatic. Favorable yachtsmen destinations along the coast of Istria are Umag, Novigrad, Poreč, Vrsar, Limski zaljev (Lim bay), Rovinj, Brijuni archipelago and national park, Pula, Medulin, and Rabac. Over the last 40 years, the construction of hotel complexes and tourist resorts, campsites and recreational facilities have turned coastal Istria into a tourist area of the highest intensity. The western coast of Istria is particularly developed and very indented, particularly between Poreč and Rovinj. The eastern coast is more wild and barren due to the frequency of the harsh bura and jugo winds.

Prevailing winds in the waters of Istra are bura, blowing from the north to the south, bringing clear weather; jugo, blowing from the south, warm wind bringing clouds and rain; and maestro, summer breeze blowing from the sea to the land, starting late in the morning and dying at sundown. The wind force is moderate, usually between 3 and 4.


Kvarner refers to the deep gulf southeast of Istra peninsula along with its islands Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Unije, Susak and Rab. The coastline ranges from Lovran and Opatija where elite tourism was established during the rule of Austro-Hungarian Empire; to the large port and industrial center Rijeka. When sailing this region extra care is required with regard of unexpected gusts of bura during the whole year. 


Suggested route (Kvarner)


The following text is just a suggestion for your sailing trip and does not oblige you to sail suggested route. Every route planning should be done by the skipper, in line with current weather forecast, sea state and restrictions by official meteorological and maritime services. Distances stated in the following text refer to approximate ideal line while real distance sailed would rely on actual weather conditions, sailing style and skills of each skipper and his/her crew. For more information on local waters please refer to local waters pilot (onboard) or ask your charter agency’s base manager.

Pula – Brijuni – Unije – Lošinj – Rab – Krk – Cres – Pula


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