South Adriatic

South Adriatic

Sailing South Adriatic considers routes south of Split and southern Dalmatia around islands Korčula, Lastovo and Mljet, alongside Pelješac peninsula, including coastline between Dubrovnik and Cavtat. This region is specially adored by yachtsmen because of the exceptional beauty of the nature while towns and villages keep the essence of tradition unpolluted by modernity. Korčula refers to one of the biggest islands in south Adriatic along with its well indented coast and vast landscapes in its interior. The administrative and tourist center would be the City of Korčula, situated at the southern part of the island, surrounded by a small archipelago and lots of coves and hidden beaches. The remote island Lastovo along with its own archipelago is one of the most indented areas of all Adriatic. One could spend the entire week sailing around the island and exploring its hidden coves, beaches, inlets and islets. It is declared a Natural Park for a strong reason, due to its diversity of natural life. Island Mljet is the most southerly and easterly island at the Adriatic while its western and northern part is declared a National Park, including lakes, bays, historical and natural sites. Pelješac peninsula refers to the link between central and southern part of Dalmatia. Its steep slopes are the home of one of the most famous Dalmatian sorts of wine – plavac mali which is related to the primitivo or zinfandel. Places like Viganj and Perna are most adored by lovers of windsurfing and kite surfing while yachtsmen are welcome to Orebić, the town on mainland just across the City of Korčula. On another hand, clams, oyster and mussels lovers would prefer to visit Ston where the most famous shell farms at the Adriatic are located. Dubrovnik itself refers to probably the most famous tourist, culture and historical site at the south Adriatic. Marina Dubrovnik is the home for numerous charter fleets as it is the starting point for majority of yachtsmen who decided to explore south Adriatic. The Elafiti archipelago completes the area with its specific relaxed and noble mood in the neighborhood of Dubrovnik. Cavtat town refers the southernmost point of Croatian Adriatic coast and welcomes yachtsmen who enter or exit Croatian territorial waters.

Prevailing summer wind is westerly and north-westerly maestral – a daily thermal wind that starts in some time before noon and blows until the sunset. Maestral’s antipode would be the night burin, blowing just before the sunrise, basically from the coast towards the sea. Extra care should be taken while sailing straits between the mainland and the islands where maestral could change the direction and get stronger. The strait between Pelješac peninsula and island Korčula is specially adored by kite-surfers and windsurfers for such winds which prevail there during the summer. Furthermore, bura gusts in these areas can also be unpredictable and rather strong. Jugo, a humid and warm southerly wind is especially unpleasant in southern Adriatic area, bringing clouds and big long waves.


Suggested route


The following text is just a suggestion for your sailing trip and does not oblige you to sail suggested route. Every route planning should be done by the skipper, in line with current weather forecast, sea state and restrictions by official meteorological and maritime services. Distances stated in the following text refer to approximate ideal line while real distance sailed would rely on actual weather conditions, sailing style and skills of each skipper and his/her crew. For more information on local waters please refer to local waters pilot (onboard) or ask your charter agency’s base manager.


Dubrovnik – Šipan – Korčula – Lastovo – Polače – Saplunara– Kobaš (Ston)  – Dubrovnik


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